Which Variable?

We have a queue then a post call survey. So the call flow looks like:

Caller calls in > 7001 Queue > Agent > Agent hung up > Post call survey > hung up

Post call survey is creating using a custom destination. Within this I am using a AGI php script to update a database with the results.

This is working well, the issue I have I cannot find what variable to use to get the queue extension or name which the caller originally called. In this example 7001. Using dumpchan and can see that FROM_DID has the data I need, but can find out what the variable name for this is.

If it is relevant, I am using queuespro to handle the post call transfer.

Any help would be great.

Are you looking for QAGENT?

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Iā€™m not fully sure what QAGENT is, is this the agent that answered the queue call? If so no. I am after the name or extension of the queue that the caller was connected to before be redirected to the survey.

Many Thanks

This seems to be working for me.