Which telco services should i enable (on four analog lines)

Asterisk 1.8
Centos 6.2
FreePBX 2.10
4 port analog card
Verizon as Telco

DID xxxxxx1000
DID xxxxxx1001
DID xxxxxx1002
DID xxxxxx1003

Hi All,

Just after a bit of advise when configuring a freepbx installation with four analog lines. All standard stuff all working but wondering about what services from the Telco we should have enabled.

So, what are the standard services you have turned off on the Telco level and what services should be turned on?

I’m thinking we request a hunt group (with the telco) for if someone is on the phone it finds the next available number. Is that how people do it with analog lines?

Any other suggestions?


We have hunt group and callerid enabled. I would disable callerid waiting, that can be confusing to the phone system or to your users since I don’t think you can switch calls like that.

Circular hunt group… Caller iD.

Thanks guys - very helpful.

If you also have a VOIP DID add it to your hunt group so that when all lines are busy, incoming calls will roll over to your VOIP trunk.

Thanks but these are on analog lines.

My office is served with analog lines in a hunt group. I had the telco add my VOIP DID to the hunt group, so when all analog lines are busy, incoming calls are uninterrupted.

ok - understand now. so you have analog lines and also voip trunk of some sort with the same Telco and the DID’s care shared between the service (analog/sip). nice touch.

I’ll see what Verizon charge for such a service… will actually be a perfect setup for us.

What you may need to request is call forwarding on your last POTS hunt group number to your VoIP DID, and make sure they enable multiple call paths on that call forwarding.

Negative. Analog and VOIP are separate services from separate providers. Analog provider happily added the “foreign” DID to the hunt group.

Ah, Got you - I didn’t know they would do that. I also have a flowroute account so might experiment with that. Thanks a bunch for the advise guys.