Which solution to choose?


The concept:

a building with 10 offices + - (10 different companies) and offer telephony (max 3/4 people in offices, but often one person).

I have to propose a solution with asterisk voip.

Currently I was left on the asterisk freepbx installation on Vmware virtual. (AudioCodes Gateway for in / out)

But my boss wants a solution “box” because you have to install it in several countries (Hong Kong, Malta, Mauritius …) with high availability.

I saw that there were at Digium solutions or in FreePBX (around $ 4000/6000)

I need your knowledge to know if you have any solutions? (possible to hire a freelancer)

Thank you in advance,

With ten worldwide locations with each only having a very few users, I would suggest you look at Kamailio/Siremis, it is a SIP proxy that is easily clustered, and supports sip connections for local PSTN connectivity (or dahdi if so fits your needs) and has all the basics of IVR voicemail and media bridging/conferencing, all the HA stuff can be done over IP and BGP.

hello dicko,

thank you for your answer,

but it is not 10 locations, but one with 10 different company

sorry for my english.

Same answer. FreePBX makes for a very poor multi-tenant PBX.

Same answer. FreePBX makes for a very poor multi-tenant PBX.

We do offer a SaaS version of our PBXact program that may work for what you are doing, feel free to contact us in the Sales Department to review that program, it’s not multinational, but can easily be used virtually or on premised based equipment. You can open a sales ticket at support.schmoozecom.com to have someone contact you directly.

Have you looked at Thirdlane?

Hi busster,

I registered but can not download iso,

The solution often is it update ?
There is a support ?

Please don’t talk about a competitor’s product in our forum, it’s just plain rude. Busster don’t be trolling.