Which path does an internal call take

I have a hosted PBX and several Cisco 303s on our LAN. I was wondering if anyone knows offhand if an internal call from ext 1 to ext 2 would be routed from ext1->remote PBX->ext2 or would it, perhaps after an initial setup, go from ext1->ext2 direct?

I can’t see any reason it would go direct, guess this is the trade off with a remote PBX? There is a setting in the Cisco phones for outbound proxy. If I leave that blank would that change the behavior?

Are you running FreePBX? If so what version and what Asterisk version?

I’m running FreePBX How do I check the asterisk version; asterisk -r is saying “bash:asterisk: command not found”, which asterisk is saying no asterisk. But asterisk is running in “top” and is in /etc/init.d/.

Does it depend on the version?

Edit: (I’m curious too even if the OP doesn’t reply. This post didn’t make sense without that…)

I don’t think the OP was running an Asterisk based system.

As far as your question, you have to have a path to Asterisk, how did you intall the system? Is it a distro or from scratch? Are you logged on as root?

Guess he/she didn’t say. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I am on a scratch install on centos5.6 using asterisk1.8 (just checked my build script). I used your suggestion to not allow root ssh login (other thread), and since then I haven’t been able to use asterisk -r with my new user or when typing “su root” and entering the root’s password. Didn’t really think much of it.

As I point out, it’s not su root it’s ‘su -’

Ah. Thanks for that. I was trying su, which didn’t work, then su root. “su -” worked fine. Asterisk version

My setup is similar to rogerthat’s. Does Asterisk negotiate and then let the phones handle direct traffic? Is that a feature that one needs to enable?