Which Features in FreePBX needs certificates

Is there a way to know which features in freepbx needs to have a valid certificate?


For a better answer than “All modules in FreePBX should be signed”, you need to give us more context.

Zulu and UCP are a few I can think of that require a FQDN and valid certificate. VPN/SIP over TLS may require it if your device complains about self signed certificates. (I’ve also heard of some devices not trusting Let’s Encrypt CA etiher.)

Yealink T4xG line has issues with them

Thanks Guys for your responses. Actually we have some customers that don’t want to open HTTP:80 port, because of security issues. I’m familiar with the concept of deployment in an isolated network through this link https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/Deployments+without+Internet+Connection#DeploymentswithoutInternetConnection-PBXactFeatures , but I need to know is there any list of features which exactly needs to have valid certificates? and make not a network isolation of necessity.

This is in no way related to having TLS certs on the system. You can have unsigned modules and still have TLS working just fine on the system. These are completely different things.


Precisely, and yet they are both certificate based. Snipe at somebody else for a change.

This still doesn’t change the fact that modules being signed or unsigned has nothing to do with the deployment of a TLS cert (or certs) on your PBX system.

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