Which commercial modules shoud I buy?


I have seen that Sangoma has changed the pricing for commerical modules and has changed also the software bundles.
Before the change, EPM and SysadminPro were part also of the “smallest” bundle, now it seems that the EPM is no more part of any of the bundles, or am I wrong? - I mean it is even not part of the"FreePBX Everything Bundle", or am I wrong?

As far as I understand it, the EPM and the SysAdminPro are more or less a “must-have”, as the OSS version of the EPM has major drawbacks (I have read online and got this opinion) and having SysAdmin Pro makes life easier.

Thanks & best regards,

I have just EPM and SysadminPro. Works for my minimum usage model. I did try OSS end point and found it difficult to use.