Which card and how do I configure for a pre-installed system?


Moving from trixbox to FreePBX was a good thing. I am currently setting up a test box to try FreePBX out on. The trouble I am having it going to be the transition. Currently, I still have my trixbox running and can’t take it down for more than, say, half an hour without some major disruption so I’d like to try to get it right the first time. I installed the latest stable Distro, 32bit.

I don’t have the card inside my new box. It is still in the trixbox.

When I move the card over, will it detect and install the drivers for it or do I need to do somethin special?

To be honest, I don’t even know which card I have (it’s super long, takes a cable rather than a bunch of jacks, it’s red, it has text on it saying something about a high energy usage and that the case should be well ventilated… if this is any heads up, let me know. I also have remote access to the old box if I could find it that way somehow).

I’ll be able to get to the card closer to the transition time.

From the Linux CLI run the command dahdi_hardware. It should tell you what dahdi hardware is in your system.


It’s a Digium TDM2400P.

Do I need to manually install the drivers or do I just plug n play?


Apparently, it’s plug and play (with the Distro, anyways). I can get all internal calls to work but no outbound stuff. New thread here:

Further Edit:
Likely not plug and play.