Where's this IP coming from?

I was testing a PIAF PBX on a test network. Now that I have moved the PBX to the production network, I am seeing the SIPStation module report the old external IP address for the Contact IP and the Network IP. I have updated the NAT settings in the Asterisk SIP Setting module. I can’t figure out where FreePBX/SIPStation Module is finding the old external IP address. I have run netconfig on the PBX, I have changed NAT:Yes to NAT:No, set static and dynamic IP Configuration, saved changes, applied changes and reboot the PBX.

Can you suggest where the old IP is coming from that the SIPStation module is reporting?

Is the gateway for the PBX still the internal Firewall? I bet it’s punching to SIPStation through that and that is how SIPStation is discovering the old external IP (not being familiar with SIPStation, I bet it’s trying to help by discovering this setting, but that is a guess).

Thanks for the response.

The gateway has changed. I did the initial setup behind a Linksys WRT54G. Then I plugged the PBX into a different firewall (Watchguard) connected to a different Internet service. Using netconfig, I changed the gateway address to the new firewall’s address and tried both the internal DNS and the ISP DNS address.