Wherer are the video codecs hidden in the freepbx v12 gui?

i’m happy to see that there are a significant number of additional audio codecs in v12 relative to v2.9.
i’d like to see the video codecs that are available.
the page:
settings->asterisk sip settings
shows the list of audio codecs.
where are the video codecs to be found in via the web gui?


Settings > Asterisk Sip Settings > Chan SIP tab > Video Codecs section
Set to Enable and you should see the codecs h264, h263, h263p, h261, mpeg4.

i didn’t have video enabled.
in v12 the audio and video codecs r not on the same page.
audio codes r on the ‘sip general’ paged.
video enable and codecs r on the ‘sip chan’ page.
thanks lots,