Where/What File to change disk usage percentage for notification email

Had something run away from me on my FreePBX distro and got several emails notifying me of the problem and low disk usage at about 70% and several more up to close to 100% over the course of a few hours.

I Googled and STFed and coldn’t find the info. I would like to know where/what file can be modified to decrease this threshold to like 50% before an email is sent. I would love more time to get to the system before it fills and crashed and being able to set these thresholds could be very beneficial.

Thanks in advance!


crontab -l -u asterisk suggests it is:-


Personally I have long relied on “logwatch” which is highly cutomizable, in your case you might want to check

logwatch --service zz-disk_space

after editing


either ad-hoc or run it as a cron job outside the daily logwatch cron job

However bear in mind that 69G in three hours is a problem not many experience. :slight_smile:

Dicko, you are a true guru! How do you learn all this?

Thanks for the info. I will poke around and play around! And oh yes! That was a fast fill up. So far today, rock steady!

PS. In looking at storage.php, it appears to be compiled or obfuscated.


Here’s a cron job from Scotty

DILITHIUM=$(df -h /|tail -1|sed 's/^.* \([0-9]*\)%.*/\1/');if [ $DILITHIUM -ge 50 ];then echo -n| mail -s "Captain, we got a problem, dilithium crystals are less than $(( 100 - $DILITHIUM))%" [email protected];fi

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I will have to copy that and do it!