Where to set DTMF toneduration?

Greetings all. I have a fairly basic FreePBX system running in our office. FreePBX distro 4.211.64-7, all modules up to date as of about 2 weeks ago. Our system has a Digium 1TE133F card connected to a PRI connection.

We have been having problems with outside systems recognizing DTMF tones sent by our system. Switching to in-band audio has improved reliability, but still every now and then our external conferencing service refuses to recognize every button press from our phones. I am interesting in increasing the tone duration, but am confused about where exactly I need to change this.

From some googling, it seems like I would need to add this to chan_dahdi.conf. However, I do not currently see that setting in there, and I also see the big warning about not modifying those files but to modify them from inside FreePBX. So two questions:

1- Where would be the correct place to change the toneduration setting?

2- How can I see what that is currently set to, or can someone just tell me what the current default is for FreePBX?

Thanks for the help. I will also gladly accept any advice from anybody that has gotten outgoing DTMF tones working 100%.