Where to place TEMP/Emerg announcements

I have a FREEPBX system with 3 queues.


3 Time Condition TECH
4 Time Condition Sales
5 Time Condition Billing

I would like to be able to insert a(single) temp announcements from time to time on all callers hitting Tech Support.

i.e. Caller hits 3 for Tech Support,[TEMP- "Tower XYZ is down], and then goes into TECH support queue as normal.

The TEMP announcements could even be static if it makes things easier.

i.e. Caller hits 3 for Tech Support,[“All services are fully operational”], and then goes into TECH support queue as normal.

I think that will work. The announcement can link to the Time Conditions. For some reason I was over thinking it.

I’m taking my best guess.

DID > IVR > announcement > queue/extension > phone > agent.

In other words, set the IVR to transfer to the announcement and when finished to the tech support queue. the 3 in the ivr will be overwriten by the announcement mode so you would have to change it back when done.

Maybe if its an announcement at a particular time of day, you could use the day/night control.

If you always want them to hear the message, just edit the announcement when necessary.

You could also use a join announcement when they join the queue but that may be harder to manage.