Where to look for SPA303 solutions?

I’m new but pretty good at searching. However I cannot find a solution for this problem anywhere; General Net Search, Cisco Forums, here…

I have FreePBX running on a Pi 3 using Linux raspbx 4.14.30 and Asterisk 13.19.0. I’m still in the setup phase and have managed to get a soft phone to work just fine. My Cisco SPA303 is registered and will ring all extensions and all extensions can ring it.

But the moment you answer on the SPA303 or the soft phone answers a call from the SPA303, it disconnects the call. This has to be a setting issue with the SPA303. Is there a thread, site or something somewhere I can look? I know I have something wrong somewhere on that SPA303.

Without any more info, like asterisk log output or SIP debug, my guess is that this is a codec mismatch issue, between the allowed codecs in FreePBX and the allowed codecs on the SPA303 phone.

I’ll double check the codec to make sure. How do you get the logs? Is there a wiki for that?

Lastly, I’m doing a Firmware Update. Seems the SPA303 was quite out of date. If that and/or Codec resolves the issues, I’ll respond with that info.


Hey arielgrin! You called it! Codex issues.

Firmware failed but it seems to be working just fine.


Great!!! For future reference, asterisk log file is /var/log/asterisk/full

You can also see the log in realtime if you issue this on the command line: asterisk -R -vvv

Good to know but the Google Voice Module just killed Asterisk again. This is the second time. Can’t get it back up.

About to start over…

If you compute the value of the hours you’ve spent trying to get $2.00 worth of calls for free, you might find that using a commercial SIP service (with built-in support without dodgy code) might be in your economical best interest.


I guess that the issue with GV is unrelated to your first issue with SPA303, am I right?

Yep! Good thing I’ve done ISOs at various steps. Google kills everything…

All SPA303 issues were taken care of by disabling Codec g729. And I do mean every issue I had!

Side note: 1) GV breaks my Asterisk. 2) Google Calendar breaks FreeBPBX. 3) Not going to touch Google for any reason from now on. Purchased a trunk and a few DIDS from Flow Route. All is working good!

I might be wrong here, but I’m gonna say that what you call an issue with g729 is really either a matter of transcoding and you don’t happen to have a license for g729, or no transcoding but you don’t have g729 installed at all, and that is causing the codec negotiation failure. Once again, I might be wrong.

Oh, I would agree with your thinking. And since I’m a noob, I can’t really figure out how to check which codec is installed and if it has a license.

I saw it and checked it. Flow Route has a comment in their configuration to allow g729 commented out. I uncommented it and things worked but then I had problems with the SPA303 Hard and Soft Keys. Disallowed g729 in Flow Route and unchecked it’s use in FreePBX and on the SPA303. Everything works.

I will say that the system is working now. I’m still having a few configuration issues/questions with Flow Route but all is good and not part of the scope of this thread.

Thanks for responding and trying to help. This is a fun experience and I’m enjoying the ride.

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