Where to find the cause?

System Overview shows “Critical Errors found. Please check for errors in the notification section”
I’m thinking this message is showing up in the notification section. Can’t find anything specifically labeled “notification section” on any drop down of any tab. There is a red X next to a comment labeled “firewall configuration”. If I let my mouse rest over it, it says “New Interface Detected”. I’m not sure what logs to even look through to narrow the issue down. I’m not even sure what the issue is. I can SSH in and view whatever scripts are necessary to look at. This is a new install on a standalone machine connected to a public IP. I’m currently accessing the FreePBX GUI remotely, so I know it works outside of the LAN. This server only has one NIC on it. The plan is to let remote office SIP phones connect through it to a VOIP provider (CallCentric specifically). I want to use FreePBX to route traffic in and out and also between office extensions; not necessarily using any IVR. I have very little experience with Asterisk and FreePBX, some of which stems from years gone by. Thanks for any insight you can offer me.

The notification section is on the Dashboard. The red X for Firewall is telling you it’s not configured.
wiki: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Firewall+Getting+Started+Guide
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD_k5PrY7Xc

Thanks for the input. I had my lone interface set up a trusted zone and have since set it up as internet. The dashboard likes that better.

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