Where to add Peering entry in Chan_Pjsip using Asterisk

Hi Team,

We have installed Asterisk 20 with Freepbx 16 with Chan_PJSIP setup we are not able to add any peering connection to another Asterisk server or Kamailio proxy kind of server peer connection.

We able to do chan_SIP with sip_custom.conf file but we added entry in pjsip_custom.conf not able to get active entry in Asterisk info page please help us to fix the issue

You shouldn’t need any custom configuration. Just create a trunk with Registration None and Authentication None, or as required by the other end.

Hi Stewart,

We done trunk registration but we need peering connection from one asterisk to other asterisk or proxy server need to put peer entry in chan_PJSIP configuration which file we need to assign same sample config

Hi Team,

Please any one update on this we have to setup peering connection fron pjsip configuration.

currently we using chansip to using sip_custom.conf file we adding entries same way we added ressip_custom.conf but not able to see in asterisk info page please help on this

There isn’t a team. This is a peer support forum.

Please explain what you mean by a “peering connection”.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply peer connection mean two different Asterisk server communicate each other sending traffic, in Freepbx have option Asterisk info to get Trunk & peering connection to communicate each asterisk servers

Hi Team,

We want to edit inbound, outbound & trunk configuration in file level, instead of doing in Freepbx GUI or any other console need to edit configuration, We are making script for Asterisk scaling process, Please help on this…

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