Where Is Video Call Recording File


I would like to know where can I find (if it does exist) the video file for a call with video.

I already have all the things running properly:

  • Call recording enabled for extensions as Force
  • Call recording enabled for routes as Force
  • Video Support enabled
  • Video Codecs checked
  • 3CX Softphone calling with video
  • 3CX recording the video locally
  • WAV file available on FreePBX CRD Reports

Now I would like to have/find the video file (MPEG, H264, etc).

Am I missing some config or it can’t be done?

I’m running on FreePBX and Asterisk 13.

Tnx in advance,

The MixMonitor() application used for recording does not record video.

Voicemail does, however, and you can find voicemail video files that end in .h264 if you are using that video codec.

They are raw RTP streams and hard to work with.

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