Where is the official guide for migrating with comercial modules

I know how to get modules moved after the fact, but that is the wrong way to go about a migration IMO.

So what is the correct (designed) process to migrate a system from one server to another for commercial modules?

Backup and restore is the simple/easy part. But we can obviously never have modules activated on more than one system. So this means settings can never be verified. This means there is no possible method for a migration that I can see.

There isn’t one. Process is the same regardless of commercial module licensed or not.

Absolutely incorrect. I very specifically mentioned that this was nothing to do with backup/restore.

This question is very specifically about the process of commercial module migration and activation.

There are only two ways to migrate a system automatically, Backup/Restore (v15) or using the Conversion Tool to do so. The answer is still the same, neither has a different process for migrating commercial modules vs OSS modules.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, automatically or manually. You can’t have a license live on two boxes at once and be active. No matter what you do there isn’t a way for you to activate the commercial modules on the new box, test it and let them still be active on the old box.

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