Where is the Ext settings .html file located

Good day,

So I am looking for the html file where the settings are kept where you select Recording Options

Currently it states “Always”, “Never” and “On Demand”

What I want to do is to remove the Never and On Demand options. This is a way to bypass anyone being able to select the other options really.

I am running a pretty old version: FreePBX version FreePBXFreePBX

I am currently trying to avoid adding on anything else like modules etc.

Thanks in advance for the help.


From the console, “cd” to “webroot” (wherever your webroot is) and then ‘cd admin’.

From there, ‘grep “On Demand” `find . -type f`’

Look through the PHP files and find the ones that you want to modify. Remove the screen control and set the recording type to “Always”.

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