Where is the "backup and restore" menu item?

My version of freepbx is 2.4.0.
but I haven’t found the “backup and restore” menu item. could anyone tell me where is it ?
many thanks!

Did you install the “Backup & Restore” module?

I installed it using a trixbox CE iso from the trixbox.org.
My trixbox CE release is 2.6.1.

Did you means that the “Backup & Restore” module is not installed by default?
Could you tell me how to install the module manully ? thanks a lot

I don’t know about trixbox 2.6.1, since it’s technically not really FreePBX anymore, but normally you install it from the “module admin” menu.

Most modules are not installed by default.

I had checked the “module admin” menu before.
all the module listed are enabled. but the “Backup & Restore” is not in it !
which config files should I edit to let the “Backup & Restore” module be displayed?

blow is the list:

Module Type Version


  Builtin setup   Enabled  
  Core setup Enabled  
  Feature Code Admin setup Enabled  
  FreePBX Framework setup Enabled  
  System Dashboard tool Enabled  
  Voicemail setup Enabled  

Internal Options & Configuration

  Info Services setup 2.4.0 Enabled  
  Music on Hold setup Enabled  
  Recordings setup Enabled  

System Administration

  Custom Applications tool Enabled   

Trixbox forked FreePBX a few months ago and now has started to offer this new version of the fork starting with tb 2.6.1. Because of that and the undocumented changes they have made like pointing to their own “FreePBX” repo instead of pointing to the real FreePBX repo any more.

I hate to say it but you need to go complain to them as nobody here at FreePBX has any control over what is being offered to you.

One of the big ones is they are attempting to replace some of the modules like backup and restore with there own (they say) better version. That is for you to judge if it is better or not, mean while they have created confusion.

Bulk extensions is yet another one that is different and causing confusion.

Good luck.