Where is Phonebook module?

hello Everyone,

it may not properly applicable but please allow me to ask some help.
I have purchased PBXAct U and now trying to figure out CID lookup using Phonebook Module.
i tried fwconsole ma listonline but it never return anything like Phonebook .

the manual of Freepbx 13 on wiki says there is menu ander Admin… which also can not find anything like that.

does anyone have similar problem or someone has any ideas ?



This is not a module we offer in PBXact as its been replaced in favor of contact module

hi Tony,

oh i see. understood.

then, may i know how to make CallerID lookup work with Contact module ?
i believe this CallerID lookup would provide the name of person who is calling in and would show on SIP phone such as Sangoma S500 ?

I don’t think that is supported. @tm1000 would.know the current state of that.

@hiro2016 did you find a solution? We have the exact same problem as you.

nope… i dont find.
problem is , Sangoma’s support. i cant find how to ask such small question to Sangoma.

does anyone figure out how to install phonebook module on Pbxact UC product ?

The Phone book module is deprecated in PBXact 13.

oh i see deprecated.
but why did they do that without explanation in manual.
i really need CID Lookup module work but stranded in the middle of no where…
or i should have bought Freepbx version rather tan PBXact verion of UC …

This was a mistake. Phonebook was never support to be in PBXact due to it being deprecated in FreePBX awhile ago. Some systems had gotten Phonebook and we were not aware of that.

We have fast tracked putting in the speed dials into contacts and will have it done shortly.

Has anyone opened a feature on the CID lookup into contacts so @tm1000 can take a look at adding that when he does the speedials in contacts

Yes it works through CID Superfecta

Superfecta is also not certified for PBXact.

It will be in the next release once we get the speeddial stuff added.


i guess i should explain what i am looking for again.

has anyone knows how to make PBXact UC show “who is calling” on the IP Phone such as Sangoma 500 ?

the reason why I am asking is i thought CIDLookup module would provide such job according to Sangoma wiki if i understand correctly.

You mean for general people calling you. if so that is the job of your carrier to send you that. Caller ID lookup module would only lookup against a datasource like the old phonebook type thing to match the number to a local database. But by and large your Caller ID Name is sent by your carrier your trunks are on.

I have the same issue. In CallerID Lookup source on our PBXact we can choose “Internal” for Source Type, which allegedly looks into astdb and via phonebook module populates it. But I don’t see how I can install the phonebook module on pbxact? So that option should be removed so it doesn’t confuse people and give them false hope of using the old phonebook module.
Does the new Contact Manager work in a similar way as the Phonebook module? I created an External group in the Contact Manager, but I don’t see any way of importing contacts into it - only manually populating it? Will there be an option to import Contacts in the Contact Manager in the future? You can’t expect us to manually type each Contact surely?

Bulk handler lets you import contacts from CSV and export.