Where is outbound route conf file

Where is outbound route conf file?
I can see outbound routes in connectivity page.
I think the gui should be based on specific file or database/ table in backend.
so if change the value, it will save specific file or database/ table
that is asterisk file ?
otherwise where is the specific file’s location?
and please tell me table location too.

What do you mean with outbound route conf file?

There are several tables involved; see

I want to know the data’s store location…

A general answer to your unclear question…

There are multiple MySQL tables:


You can find all of the dialplan for your outbound routes in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf

these are asterisk db?

Some information is storedin the astdb which is asterisk own kvstore.
Some information is in mysql.
There is no generic answer as it doesn’t work how you think it does. FreePBX is more than a static config generator.

If you want people to be more helpful perhaps explain what you are trying to accomplish.

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