Where is MISC Applications

I’m new to FreePBX, and have just installed it on Ubuntu. I’ve got something for which Misc Applications would be perfect, but it doesn’t show up anywhere in the system. Not in Applications, not in the Module admin, nowhere. How am I supposed to install it?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps the module is not installed. In Module Admin, click “check online” then search thru the list to install it.

It doesn’t show up at all…Do you happen to know its command line name? I’m blind, and unfortunately doing this from the command line may actually be easier for me, as the module admin interface is a nightmare due to FreePBX’s non-standard choice controls for repository selection.

Yes it can be installed from the CLI with:

amportal a ma download miscapps
amportal a ma install miscapps
amportal a r

Thank you very much!

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