Where is Find Me/Follow Me in UCP?

This page shows a “Settings” link so the user can change their Find Me/Follow Me settings:

But I can’t find this in the UCP.
I’ve also checked the “User Manager” module & don’t see anything for Find Me/Follow Me .

User Manager, UCP tab, Misc. tab, Allowed Extension Settings. Set at group level by ensuring ‘User Primary Extension’ is set here.

What do you mean by “Set at group level”?
I can pick the user’s extension from the list, but I’m going to have to do this for all my users & also for the voicemail link.
Can I do it globally?
I also see a lot of these setting have “Inherit”. Where are they Inheriting from? Is there a global setting I can change fo all of them?

User Manager has users and groups. If a user is a member of a group, it can inherit the properties of the group. Some light reading:


OK, I get it now, I needed to edit the “All Users” group.
One more thing. It seems that the updates reset all the user’s passwords.
They used to be the same as their voicemail password.
Any way to reset those or will I have to go manually reset them one at a time?

If the users all have the email address set properly, they can use the ‘forgot password’ link in UCP to reset it themselves. Otherwise one by one. You really don’t want VM pins for user passwords.