Where does Voicemail Admin module come from?

Under Setup | Basic in the 2.9 interface I see the Voicemail Admin module. I am pretty sure this came with the FreePBX distro.

What’s confusing me is that when I go to Module Administration I do NOT see anything referencing Voicemail Admin.

On an older 2.8 system, Voicemail Admin was installed as a separate, third-party module (available at http://www.freepbx.org/trac/browser/contributed_modules/release — the latest version is vmailadmin-, and I do realize that one was probably written for use with 2.7). But I cannot find any mention of a vmailadmin module for 2.9. What I’m really trying to discover is whether there’s an “official” version of the Voicemail Admin module for 2.8, but I might be able to find that myself if I knew what they are calling it in post-2.7 versions.

Did this functionality get rolled into another 2.9 module so that it’s no longer a separate module? And if so, was that supposed to have been backported to 2.8?

It was added in 2.9, (some) details are in #4736 and in r10874.
Voicemail module in <= 2.8 was not a “real” module as it did not have a page.voicemail.php file, it main purpose was to provide hooks into the rest of FreePBX.

For 2.9 the module was renamed from “Voicemail” to Voicemail Admin".

If you have found something odd in it, please file a bug for it. I did see that you have observed something odd with timezones in a previous post, I will see if I can duplicate that. It is probably an insert of an empty line that causing it.

Thanks. Please note the problem I experienced was on a system running FreePBX 2.8, running the old “not real” module. It would be nice if the new 2.9 module could be backported to 2.8, but maybe not worth the effort at this point?

We don’t backport new features from newer releases to older as it always tends to break things.
Only security fixes and serious bugs will be backported.