Where does the value for __line1Mwi__ get set?

We’re using the commercial Endpoint Manager with FreePBX and Grandstream GXP 2130/2140 phones. The message waiting light is erratic in its behavior. Sometimes it lights up as soon as messages are waiting. Other times the light never comes on and people discover messages have been waiting for days - highly problematic when dealing with critical patients.

In my explorations I see the Commercial Endpoint Manager basefile editor includes this variable:

Yet there’s no documentation anywhere explaining where this variable is configured.

I’m looking for help clarifying where I can set this value.

Just guessing … perhaps it’s somehow connected with the Applications > Extensions > SOMEXT > Advanced > MWI Subscription Type

And that Grandstream phones don’t work will with the default ‘Auto’ setting with the PJSIP driver ??

Never resolved previous thread also asking this.

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