Where do you find the endpoint manager? How do you set it up?

Running version 2.4.0

I see people talking about this endpoint manager. I do searches and can’t find it. I cannot get any phones setup. It cannot be this difficult.

Also I click on Panel and asks for user name and password. I have tried all the passwords I set up and can still not get into the panel. Any ideas?

I am new to Asterisk. Background is traditional PBX’s

Freepbx does not (yet) have an endpoint manager/provisiong module

A end point manager is one of those things that many of the distro’s provide. PBX-in-a-flash, elastix, trixbox, etc… if that is something you need you might want to start looking in that direction.

without a end point manager you need to know how your phones need to be configured, just like in the traditional world the setup of one manufacture is different from another, same here just that there are many more options. So your phone manufacture is the place to start.