Where do I find /var/lib/asterisk/bin/fax-process.pl

I am runninf FreePBX 2.5.1 on Ubuntu 8.04, have voice communications and voicemail working. I have the following Ubuntu packages installed as well.

$ dpkg -l | grep asterisk
ii asterisk 1:1.4.17~dfsg-2ubuntu1 Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
ii asterisk-app-fax 0.0.20070624-1 Softfax application for Asterisk
ii asterisk-config 1:1.4.17~dfsg-2ubuntu1 Configuration files for Asterisk
ii asterisk-mp3 1.4.5-1 MP3 format support (format_mp3) for the Asterisk PBX
ii asterisk-mysql 1.4.5-1 MySQL support for the Asterisk PBX (cdr mainly)
ii asterisk-sounds-extra 1.2.1-1 Additional sound files for the Asterisk PBX
ii asterisk-sounds-main 1:1.4.17~dfsg-2ubuntu1 Core Sound files for Asterisk (English)

The asterisk-app-fax package has instructions for modifying the dialplan, but it would seem that a different version of these are already built into the dialplan generated by FreePBX. However, the FreePBX version uses the file named in SUBJECT, which is not present on my system. I’ve seen instructions for hand patches for this file, but I’ve never seen the file itself.

Is it in a freePBX package? If so, which?


You said “The asterisk-app-fax package has instructions for modifying the dialplan” that is correct and all of those instruction are for a pure asterisk only setup not a setup using FreePBX. So attempting to use those directions will break things.

If your system was installed correctly the file will exist and exactly where you stated it should be.

I don’t follow what you want to do with the file name and have it changed.

As near as I can tell, everything installed correctly, yet it is definitely not present. Which package is it in?

It is a part of the core/base install of FreePBX. It is not a free standing package.

OK, I got the file sorted, but it would seem that the file has been hideously hacked to not correspond to its usage message. There is an argument --type which apparently corresponds to the type of output file desired. The default is application/x-pdf. However, the attachments generated when this content type are specified are a .gif and the original .tif file (even though this latter is falsely labelled as a PDF in the MIME message, Outlook seems to see through the ruse).

Is there a version of this script around that actually allows you to receive a PDF, or must I hack my own?