Where can I post a module that I created

Hello everyone I have put together a rough module for freepbx that allows you to view and download the queue calls if recording has been turned on. It also allows you to filter based on queue number and time. My question is where can I post this so others may improve on the module as well. Like I said it is very rough right now and Im looking for some outside advise. Let me know if this is useful to anyone.

if the module is really raw, it may be better to put a tarball that can be installed into a module submission ticket and get some initial feedback. If you think it is a bit further along and you are familiar with svn, we could add you to the contributed_modules repository where you could add your module and maintain it along with others who might be interested.

The contributed_modules repository is where some other modules are housed. They don’t show up with online updates but they are fairly easy for anyone to pull and load if they are interested. They are put on mirror.freepbx.org once they have been ‘published’ of which there is a tool there to do that.

if you need bandwidth and hosting space i could lend you a space on
as a directory you could upload it to? Just an idea for you.