Where are the Ring Groups and Follow Me settings saved?

I recently had to do a clean install to the latest version (3.211.63-9 from 2.210.x). There were too many issues and I felt a clean install was the best option. Anyway, I thought I had exported the Ring groups and follow me settings but can’t find them. Is there a way to restore just those two items from backup?


They are in the Asterisk DB, not the MySQL DB.

Did you use the backup module?

I have backups using the module. Just don’t want to restore all of the settings just the Ring Groups and Follow me settings.


Do you still have access to old system?

I would just do a database show, grep out the entries you want and then do a DB put on the new sys.

NO access to old system other than backups.

You know if someone would help me organize my personal notes and get them into the wiki it would be great for the project.

Not that most people bother to check the wiki.

Anyway, here is the process:

You need to do this after a clean restore to get the Berkley astdb working.

1 – On old machine enter asterisk CLI and run database show – note record count
2 – On new machine enter backup directory /var/lib/asterisk/backups/backup-set-name/backup-job-name
3 – Untar backup IE: tar xzvf 20111102.16.58.10.tar.gz
4 – Change to created tmp directory
5 – Move created ampbackups directory to /tmp IE: mv ampbackups.20111102.16.58.10/ /tmp
6 – Change to /var/lib/asterisk/bin
7 – run restoreastdb script with argument of numeric portion of backup directory name IE: ./restoreastdb.php 20111102.16.58.10
8 – Execute Asterisk CLI on new machine and verify record count matches step 1

It’s sqlite now since Asterisk 10.