Where are SMS messages stored?

Our organization has some very rigid document retention and backup practices. In order for us to receive SMS messages from our clients we need to be able to backup these messages automatically. Does anyone know what directory these messages end up in?

SMS shows in the sql table sms_messages. Not sure where MMS is stored, but there is a table called sms_media.

Mms is also stored in the database base64 encoded

Is there a way to backup the SMS messages using Backup and Restore? I can’t find a way to add the sql table sms_messages.

In the backup module, there’s an option to add MySQL and then choose between CDR or Config Server. I am not sure what the config server is and if that sms table is under the same database, worth looking into…

I do see the option to backup MySQL, and I am doing so with a full weekly backup, but I was hoping to pinpoint the SMS messages and back them up separately.

Is there a folder that the SMS message are stored on? Similar to call recordings being in the var/spool/asterisk/monitor folder?

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