Where are FreePBX contacts stored?

Contacts and contact groups created on the FreePBX GUI under contact manager, are those stored in the mysql database and where exactly?

I am writing an application and would like to reference those.

FreePBX Distro, version 13

MariaDB [asterisk]> show tables like "%contactmanager%";
| Tables_in_asterisk (%contactmanager%) |
| contactmanager_entry_emails           |
| contactmanager_entry_images           |
| contactmanager_entry_numbers          |
| contactmanager_entry_speeddials       |
| contactmanager_entry_userman_images   |
| contactmanager_entry_websites         |
| contactmanager_entry_xmpps            |
| contactmanager_group_entries          |
| contactmanager_groups                 |
9 rows in set (0.00 sec)

If using PHP, much better to use the methods already in place, sample files here that might assist:

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Excellent, thank you!

I have a script that pulls those out for Yealink phones.

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@sorvani please use bootstrap instead of reading amportal which isn’t being written to anymore.

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I do in my newer items like this: https://github.com/sorvani/freepbx-helper-scripts/blob/master/Aastra_Button_Functions/show_ring_group_membership.php

I haven’t spent the time to rewrite old scripts yet as they still run.

Ah excellent! I understand that.

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