Where are FPBXDISTRO Tickets on Issue Tracker?

It seems to me that FreePBX Distro FPBXDISTRO-NN Tickets are gone on the Issue Tracker portal (I understand that some FreePBX Distro tickets maybe have been renamed/renumbered into FreePBX FREEPBX-NNNN Tickets).

I’m really not able to find this one (as example):


neither searching for words like “MySQL wont start” or something similar (try with words like “power loss” -> no result at all) give me, among various other tickets, that specific ticket (and those words composed that Ticket’s title, I’ve a mail about that) nor going directly (I recevie a Permission Violation “It seems that you have tried to perform an operation which you are not permitted to perform.” even if I’m logged in).

Does something changed during Forum migration? Any idea?

The forums and issue tracker are separate . I am looking in to this and will update shortly

I know that Forum portal and Issue Tracker portal are two separate entities (now, as before).

Just pointed out that I can’t find what I just found few weeks ago every time I was looking for FreePBX Distro specific tickets (FBPBXDISTRO-XX Tickets).

@jfinstrom Thanks for investigating.

Everything that was open was moved to FreePBX project. Their was to much confusion over FreePXB and FreePBX Distro as separate projects in Jira so now FreePBX Distro is just a compoudant option in FreePBX project.

“Everything that was open was moved to FreePBX project”: Are you seriously saying that FreePBX Distro closed tickets - at time of Forum migration on the new platform - weren’t consequently migrated as FreePBX/FreePBX Distro open ones?

If such it was a decision that is now very difficult to accept (in terms of information lost from the user perspective).

This could explain why looking for (searching) words of an (old but not so old) FPBXDISTRO Ticket’s title give me now no result at all: I was looking for FPBXDISTRO-61 (cited in a reply on another thread today) and I’m not able to find it neither “renamed” nor when looking for its title words (“MySQL wont start after power loss”) or looking at whom commented on it (you at beginning of March 2014 and Rob Thomas on February, 28th 2014).

As stated above Discourse (the forums) has NOTHING to do with the ticket system. These items are in no way related.

We are switching FreePBX slowly off of Drupal. The ticket system is NOT drupal or a drupal component.

Our wiki, issue tracker and GIT repo are all managed independently of other freepbx.org items


@jfinstrom Understood the difference about Community Portal (Discourse) and Issue Tracker (Atlassian JIRA). Pardon me, I was under the impression that the Community Portal and the merging of two separate Jira projects (FreePBX/FreePBX Distro) happened at the same time (more or less).

If the merge that Tony was referring didn’t happened while the Forum Portal was migrated (and isn’t definitely unrelated to its migration as you corretly pointed out) then my question: when (read “…so now…” of Tony) the above separate projects “FreePBX” and “FreePBX Distro” were merged (correctly: FreePBX Distro project become a FreePBX components) in Atlassian Jira?

This happened a few days ago unlike the forums that happened about 3-4 weeks ago. Only open tickets are now in the FreePBX, search will search all public projects you can find tickets the old way just the same. I see no problems here. Am I missing something?

The issue is I’m not able to find a closed FBXDISTRO Ticket (see above for the link).

This is now resolved.

@tm1000 Thanks. I’ll update the other post I’ve did with the proper updated link.