Where are blind transfer dial timeout before callback settings?

FreePBX 14 up-to-date

When we do a blind transfer it rings back to the transferring extension if not answered in 15 seconds. We need to extend this timeout. Where is the setting for this? I have searched the GUI and the wiki and can’t seem to find anything except a setting timeout in a custom-transfer context.

It seems if FreePBX 14 does this, there should be a setting for this somewhere.

Or do I have to make a custom transfer context?

I hate to suggest it, but did you look in the Advanced Settings?

Actually, I did think of advanced settings. I have display read-only turned on, and I may have a neuron deficiency but all I could see was trunk dial timeout at 300 seconds.

Now I looked again and turned on “Display Friendly Names” I found “Default Time to Ring Back Caller” set to 15 seconds. That is it. Thanks for pointing out the obvious thing I missed. I’ll find some neuron supplements. :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is a way to override system setting and set this more granularly, like for a queue or extension?

Hmm … Sadly that setting doesn’t seem to apply to a queue. A regular transfer from a phone waits for the timeout set “Default Time to Ring Back Caller” but calls transferred from a queue still come back to the agent in 15 seconds if not answered.

Check the logs - you can get the context for the transfer and look at the code in extensions_additional.conf. If that code isn’t honoring the return caller variable, it’s a bug.

@cynjut Thanks for your help.

I fixed this by adding this line in features_general_custom:

atxfernoanswertimeout = 60

It seems my 3rd-party app does a blind transfer by calling atxfer then hanging up.

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