Where are all instances of the server IP set?


I moved my FreePBX server from one virtual host to another, which required an IP address subnet change - the server boots, everything appears to be working great but my single endpoint - Sangoma S505 phone. I hardcode the IP into this phone since I only have one.

In Settings > EndPoint Manager > End Point > Global Settings the internal address is set as the new IP: Under Extension Mapping, nothing changed. Under Brands > Sangoma, I select the template that I use. SIP Destination and Provisioning addresses are all

I’ve factory reset my phone. I login to the phone’s web interface, and go to Management > Auto Provision. I change the config server path to [http://], save, and then click the auto provision profile. The phone reboots. However, on reboot, the phone seems to change all these values back to the old server, which is powered off.

Once again, I do not use DHCP to provision since I only have one phone. I’ve checked everywhere and the IP is set to

Any ideas?

Edit: I went back into my phone and even though it pulled in all instances of my old FreePBX server’s IP, I manually updated them to the new IP and forced provisioned. It then over-wrote the default Sangoma settings with my settings. I rebooted the phone, and this time it did pull provisioning from the new IP (I made a small change, changing the phone LED from green to red so it’d be obvious if a new config pulled down). Maybe this is a bug?

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