When upgrading several modules, FreePBX hangs

One thing I have noticed a lot is, that when I want to upgrade several modules, FreePBX will never upgrade all of them, but hang somewhere in the middle of the upgrade process. I have to go back to module admin and upgrade the rest.
Below an example. Should be upgrading additional modules, but hangs at the directory module. This happens almost always when upgrading several modules.

This is most-likely a problem with your browser/local computer as the information is sent directly to the browser. You can update through the CLI if it makes it easier.

I had something similar happen to me today when upgrading framework. Sat there for at least a minute, saying 0 of xxxxxxx bytes, before finally downloading and installing successfully. The other modules all downloaded and installed quickly, but the last one, the framework, hung.

As Andrew suggested, updating via CLI might be preferable. This is how I do things these days; way easier to open my folder of PBX servers in superputty and copy/paste “amportal a ma updateall” with a linefeed at the end and move on with my day.

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I resorted to updating via CLI as well. And what does amportal a ma updateall exactly update, commercial modules too?

Sorry for not replying, life has been…well…life.

It will use whatever repo was used last on the web, but supports specifying them as well (at least, this is inferred from the output “no repos specified, using last…” [paraphrased])