When on the fon, incoming call drops headset connection sangoma s500

We are still having the problem with our phones that when I am on the phone, Emma’s phone doesn’t ring. She is off of DND, and it happened ~3 times so far this morning. Also, it is still a regular problem that when I am on the phone, and another call comes in, I get ‘muted’. Or more accurately, my headset drops the connection, and it just goes to my phone. It’s not really speakerphone, unless it’s at the absolute quietest setting. They are on the actual phone, but their voice comes through at a normal ‘headset volume’. They are still there, and don’t realize anything has happened. Putting them on hold will not fix it, but parking them and repicking up does. Also, I think if I just push the button for headset, it will put them back to my headset.

We are having this same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

If your phone is a Sangoma phone, you might want to submit a Support ticket through the link above.