When on call 1 and a second call is incoming a constant tone is played in call 1

When I am on a call and a second all is incoming on the second line the first call is blocked out be a tone on the phone. I think this is something to do with call waiting but its pretty annoying to not be able to continue the conversation on call 1. previously this was just a beep. does anyone know what i can do to sort this out or return the call waiting noise to just a beep?

Were there any recent updates to the system or the phones before noticing the change?
Does this happen for calls where all parties are internal extensions?
Can you further describe what is heard when that second call comes in? For example, is it a usual call waiting beep, and then dead air?
Does the call1 audio resume as normal once the second caller stops ringing?
Can you tell us what version of FreePBX you’re running, and what brand/model of phones are being used?

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