When NOT using PJSIP

I’m using fresh install from ISO of SNG7-FPBX-64bit-2002-2.
None of my phones or provider are using pjsip. So I changed chan sip to use 5060.
Everything is working fine.

My question is as far as pjsip, what are safe ports to assign to:

UDP Port to Listen On? I set to 5160
TCP Port to Listen On? I set to 5161
TLS Port to Listen On? I set to 5162

I’m going to start working on webrtc project and I think it might use pjsip


For tls you are very safe on that port
For tcp you are quite safe on that port
For udp, not safe at all , 5000-5999 are the most aggressively scanned for udp
5060 comes in first, 5160 second, and for a default freeswitch, 5080 a distant third.

Enable port scanning if possible

maybe something like 15162?

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No, thats the exact one I use :wink: but ideally not between 10000 and 20000 ,(sdp can cinflict) never below 1025 ‘because’ . Below 600000 is good, higher than 64nnn something are considered off limit

LOL - I promise not to scan you

how about adding a 1 to each port - OK?

No, too obvious

Are you for hire to help me jump start a small webrtc project?

Thus forum is not for solicitations in either direction.

(OffTopic but pertinent: last year i was eavesdropped on (actively monitored was the term used) by the good folks here then)

sorry, didn’t realize that

No prob, OOB direct messaging is probably ok

This WebRTC project and using FreePBX isn’t based on the WebRTC Phone that FreePBX has right? Because that’s an UCP only thing. Using FreePBX for WebRTC outside of the UCP generally doesn’t pan out.

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