When is hold music accessed or choosen for DIDs

Running current Distro release of FreePBX and have a question about hold music.

I have an Inbound Route with CID for a number set as a priority call to extension 201. On the same menu it has HoldMusic1 selected for it’s hold music.

On extension 201 I have a Follow-Me set up using Holdmusic2

When the caller calls me however he hears a ring, no music at all. If I place him on hold he hears Holdmusic2.

He NEVER hears holdmusic1

I tried removing the Priority route and just letting him hit my main IVR then transfer to my extension. Same thing except he hears holdmusic2 instead of ringing while my extension is ringing.

So when would a person ever hear the hold music selected in the inbound route menu? Is there ever a way to control the hold music on a specific inbound route? What if it was a DID instead of a priority route?