When I make outbound calls I cant hear the person I am calling but they can hear me (1 way audio)

Hello, I am unable to hear the person I call whenever I call out but they can hear me.
Please help what could I have done wrong?

Here is my paste https://pastebin.com/UMXXc2VF

Almost always, consistent 1 way audio is a NAT, firewall, port related. I recommend reviewing your port/firewall makeup and make sure your RTP ports are what you expect and can actually get to Asterisk and your endpoint. Wiresharking a call might help you see what’s happening with the data transmission.

Is the GoIP on the same LAN as the PBX? If so, in Asterisk SIP settings, check that External Address and Local Networks are properly set. If you change them, restart Asterisk.

If not, describe your network setup.

Thank you all so much, it was a problem from the softphone. It is sorted now :innocent:

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