When i creating a third SIP trunk - disappears connect all trunks

Hello community FreePBX
I have to configure trunk a problem:
when creating the SIP trunk disappears third connection of all trunks.

and when I disabled the third trunk - trunk remaining two work just fine.
changing any of the three trunks in position disable - the other two are working.

it turns out that it does not depend on a trunk, I just was not lucky for the creation of three? :slight_smile:

configuration has not made major changes, just installed according to instructions, but now always see when the existing three trunks constant error for each of them:
chan_sip.c: 12 681 sip_reg_timeout: - Registration for ‘XXX’ timed out, trying again (Attempt # 25)

my soft version
ubuntu server 11.04

The trunks have to be unique. If one trunk is a superset logically of another trunk the “less qualified” trunk will cause the other trunk to inherit it’s credentials.

It’s like an access list backwards.

my context is not have unique in ‘context user’ paragraph in ‘sip trunk’.

now will all trunk work.

Thanks your