When Dialing to trunk - replacing digits

Good Day guys,
I have a mysql-phonebook, where all users phone numbers are listed with the german country code (+49). I’d like to replace this ‘+49’ by a ‘0’, when the call gets routed to the trunk. (By the way, every call with this destinations gets routed to the trunk). Is there a possibility to do that?



The following may work depending on if we allow the + or not. If we are stripping it in this scenario, or complaining about it, then it’s a valid bug to report:

In the trunk:

prepend: 0
prefix: +49
match_pattern: XXXX. (or something similar or more specific if there is a more specific pattern that you are aware of)

that will match on any number of the format +49XXXX. and then the prefix is always stripped and the prepend is always added.