When calling in Via Dadhi I can't transfer to another line

I am trying to set things up so that if someone calls after hours, they get a message saying that it is now late, press 1 to continue with the call or leave a message.

I have created a time group called: Awake (6am-9:30pm)
I have also created a virtual sip connection (300) which has the message (using voice massage) and VmX enable with option 1 being an extension.

I have set up a time condition that when it is not in the “Awake” hours, calls are directed to extension 300 where they hear the message and then if they still decide to proceed with the call, they can press one.

The problem I have is that when they press 1 they get told that the line (for the extension) is busy.

Use the IVR facilities controlled by the time group