When calling from xlite, it takes about 10 seconds until the call is treated by asterisk

Hello all !

Do you have any suggestions why it takes about 10 seconds (sometimes much more) for a call passed by xlite to be treated by asterisk? I watched the the logs (core debug set 10), and really nothing happens untill the call is treated.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions !


I use Asterisk Now 1.5 with latest version of FreePBX.

Can you post the logs and show when the delay occurs?
Does the delay also happen if you’re using another softphone such as ZoIPer or QuteCom?

excuse-me Chilling_Silence, in fact I forgot to report that this is happening after I applied a changement in the settings. So it’s just because with the newer version of asterisk it takes loger to get up again.

Thanks for your concern anyway !