Whats up with iSymphony?

I know FreePBX and iSymphony are different entities, but they’ve always been packaged together (I believe they still are?) and integrated. I honestly don’t know where else to turn. Does anyone have a contact over there? We have used them since 2012 and currently have approx 600 users and pay our maintenance fees every year on auto-renew, but haven’t gotten a response to our support tickets from January or our most recent one, and I can’t find any other way to contact them.

Pinging @isymphony

@woogieboogie, we’re in the process of catching up on the tickets. I know it’s not an ideal situation and I apologize for the long delay. Can you please DM me your ticker number that you’ve submitted?

Thanks I just saw the ticket has been responded to! Hope everything is ok over there, I don’t know what we’d do without you guys :slight_smile:

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