What's this in my logs?

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I’m not very familiar yet with loggings/verbose etc

But I was looking today in my logs on why some users were disconnecting, and found out some weird stuff that i don’t know very much what it is, looks like it’s editing my config? or trying multiple macros on an extension… is it common? i was about to freak out but i don’t know much about it yet, so it thought it would be better to ask first

here’s the logs: Log Link

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I wonder if you might pinpoint which of the 22k lines you are asking about.

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Looks like the whole log has this macro/editing stuff so i would say from the start

(Joshua C. Colp) #4

That’s dialplan execution, which is the step by step progression that a call is taking through Asterisk.

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oh… I see, i was used to the calls being more readable. with not so many lines…

well and here on line 5387
its unregistering a bunch of stuff and changing codecs its thousands of lines of modifications and stuff whats happening?

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Something connected to Asterisk and then told it to restart when there was no activity. When there was none it then proceeded to restart.

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Ohhh, ok,
sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the help

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