Whats the status of xmpp?

hi, i have been looking at all the information on the freepbx website about xmpp support and i am very confused. All the information refers to a paid module (xmpp pro). however, i see the xmpp module listed in module admin and there is no “buy” link next to it, in fact i can see no where to buy it at all. also, the config for xmpp is in the gui.

can someone please set me straight … is there a paid module and if so, what features does it offer over the base install


It used to be a paid module but now its a free module.

ahh, ok, thanks for the clarification… i have another question, i am trying out some different clients, but they seem to be unable to connect to freepbx using encryption…they can connect unencrypted…but …that’s no good.

do you know if there is a way to enable encryption on the freepbx xmpp module?

No idea. I was curious about that too.

The module in freepbx does not support encryption

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