What's the best way to add a new caller ID?

I need to add a branch office to the system, the phones are up and running in the remote office but:
When they dial out the caller ID is the Head office number and not the branch.
Also the dial plan is wrong as the area code differs from the head office.

My plan is to:
Add a new outbound route, set this to use the existing trunk.
Set the CID in the new outbound route to the branch office number
Change the CID setting in the trunk to Allow any rather than Force XX
Add correct dial plan to new outbound route
Add new inbound route and send calls on to new ring group

Can anyone see a better way to do this or any problems with my plan?

I would keep the current route and allow to override CID. Then, set the CID for the new branch on the extension level.

Or… You could do your way, but make sure you add in the dial patterns the CID of the Branch extensions. Unless they have a complete different dial pattern, otherwise it happen a mess - if a caller from the remote location will dial something that matches the primary dial pattern, you’ll have the primary CID…

Another way, to use the commercial module Class of Service and tie the extensions to the appropriate route.

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