Whats protecting the /admin folder?


Been trying to remove the alert box from the /admin folder. Where is the .htaccess file for this? I’ve checked in /etc/httpd and to no avail. I’ve also looked in the /admin folder, and outside it. What is protecting that folder? Grr… i just want that box to stop showing up!

thanks in advance

It’s buried in the php code somewhere, I’m sure. I’m not going to trace through it for you, but that’s what you’re going to need to do to find it, unless a dev takes pity and tells you. It would make sense that it’s in an include somewhere, so you can focus your search in that direction.

There’s no easy answer like editing an htaccess file or something, though, I’m betting each page checks to see if it’s authenticated.

Once you log in once you should be fine. If it’s annoying you that much I suspect that it may be popping up more than that, and if that’s the case then something is very wrong.