What V13 Core Module? to Revert to old Alert Info

Does anyone remember what version of core I need to revert back to so I can utilize the old style of alert info?

You are going to stay on that version of core forever? The new “style” follows RFCs defined by the SIP working group.

I’m hoping to revert back so I can get it working until I can figure out how to make the new style work. Previously I was able to put just a word in the alert info box and then put this same word in the alert field in the phone. I haven’t quite figured out how my approach needs to change in order to make it work.

Core v14.0.28 was just published to edge with a new parameter in Advanced Settings:

Very quick and dirty testing tells me it works:

No: Alert-Info: info=ring3
Yes: Alert-Info: <>;info=info=ring3

Is there any update I can use for V13 systems that have been affected?

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